Navigating Changes & Emotions
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This talk provides insights on organisational change and help employees to navigate through different states of change (current, transition and future) and their emotions. Participants will learn about various actions that can hinder or help the states of organisational change. There are basic messages of emotions and reasons for employee resistance. They will also learn to recognise some of the common feelings towards change. Reflective questions and consequential thinking of not changing can redirect negative thinking and unpleasant feelings.

The Art of Optimism
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This talk aims to encourage and exercise optimism in participants by identifying maladaptive thoughts and beliefs and adopting positive perspectives and suggestions. Adversity role models will also be shared with the participants to increase their optimism. They will experience a relaxtion exercise to strengthen their confidence and positive outlook. 

Take Control or Lose Control
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We discussed on some struggles that people may face e.g. smoking, gaming, binge eating/drinking, overspending, etc. Some people may indulge in pleasure or enjoyment to an unhealthy level that disrupts their goals and/or health. We explored key strategies for overcoming these struggles.

Communicate for What?
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We explored the purposes / intents of our communication. Some people may be excellent in communicating their perspectives / opinions but fail in connecting with others. Others may lack courage to assert their ideas that can benefit the groups. We discussed different communication styles for various situations.

Uncover Your Conviction
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We help people to uncover their conviction or compelling goals such as careers, social causes, passions, etc. With so many voices & influence in the society, one can be easily influenced by others to pursue a direction that may not be their strengths. We explored how we can uncover our conviction.